SOS – Children’s Village - Leave no Youth Behind project launching and workshop.




SOS Children Villages in Ethiopia launches a new project titled “Leave No Youth Behind: Young Care Leavers Claim Their Rights In Ethiopia.”
The project focuses on young care leavers and advocates for their rights and needs and is financed by the Danish International Development Agency.
The project will be implemented in all the 11 sub-cities of Addis Ababa to a total of 1,400 young care leavers and indirectly 2.8 million young people over the country will be addressed through the project initiative.
The project engages different stakeholders in its implementation including Addis Ababa women children and social affairs, Addis Ababa youth and sport bureau, Addis Ababa finance and economic bureau in addition to other CSOs.
In Ethiopia more than 70 percent of the population is made up of young people and like many countries the country is facing challenges in meeting the needs and rights of the booming young generation.To decrease these impacts the project aims to create an enabling environment for young care leavers and empowered young care leavers.

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