Africa Telemedicine Network Project Launch




The African Telemedicine Network Conference held in Addis Ababa yesterday in the presence of high level government officials including the Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse, among others.

The Telemedicine Network was initiated by Ethiopians engaged in the private sector in Ethiopia in cooperation with other Africans.

A technology named HabariDoc that would help patients get appropriate services from health professional wherever they are from was launched in the conference.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Lia Tadese, said the Telemedicine Network is the best method to improve the quality of health services remote areas.

The minister said that besides reducing costs, the network would help improve efficiency by increasing service quality and customer satisfaction, as well as facilitating the transfer of knowledge between professionals.

It is stated on the occasion that Ethiopia has implemented several telemedicine projects including ITU Telemedicine, iPath, Pan African Telemedicine and World Bank Diaspora Telemedicine.

The projects were based on a visual based clinical application and did not involve patients, and efforts were underway to address such issues.

Guidelines related to Health Information System, Digital Health System have been put in place as part of the activities being carried out to address the challenges, it was said.

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