Cup of Excellence Ethiopia Winners Award Ceremony!

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The Birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is revered for its beans. It produces some of the best single-origin coffees in the world August 26, 2021Cup of Excellence Ethiopia Winners Award Ceremony.

Cup of Excellence 2021 presents Ethiopia an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the country has the perfect climate, perfect soil, perfect altitude, and microclimates that are perfect for coffee processing to produce quality and specialty coffees that have a unique range of flavors. The Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition was completed with remarkable success, breaking several world records in sample collection and auction results.The second-ever Ethiopia Cup of Excellence green coffee competition resulted in 39 lots scoring 87+ points, with five of those coffees exceeding the 90-point mark, according to an international jury. Representing different growing areas, processing methods and farm types, the winning coffee lots came from a record-breaking number of entries (1,849) for any countrywide Cup of Excellence competition, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association and the USAID-funded Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity (VCA).

The event management service was a great success. Based on the USAID Feed the Future Value Chain need and objective; Pre, during and post event activities have been carried out successfully at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, What we (Prana Events) done on the event: setting up the Meeting Hall, Art of the Stage, Registration, Decoration, Branding, Catering, training and assigning ushers and personnel responsible for organizing and coordinating each activity taking full responsibility. Clients where satisfied by our cooperation from planning to accomplishment stage.

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