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To emerge as the premier choice for event partnership across Africa.


Our mission is to deliver unparalleled event solutions throughout the region, driven by a fervent dedication to excellence.

Core Values

Prana excels in systematic operations, client satisfaction, and profitable ventures with a passion for event management.

About us

Our Story

Prana Events, a subsidiary of Fairteam Trading PLC, stands as a beacon of innovation in Ethiopia's event management landscape. Our foundation is built on a commitment to enriching the event industry with cutting-edge knowledge, technology, and comprehensive solutions. Spearheaded by Mr. Nebeyu Lemma, our Managing Director, Prana Events boasts a rich heritage of over 17 years in orchestrating a plethora of international conferences, trade fairs, and corporate gatherings.

Our team, a dynamic ensemble of 30+ young, industrious, and imaginative professionals, is meticulously selected for their exceptional skills and dedication. Together, we are relentless in our pursuit to elevate every aspect of event management. Our collaborative efforts ensure that from conception to execution, every event is a testament to our pursuit of excellence, contributing to the advancement of industries and sectors alike.

Why Choose us?

Facts and Figures

Creating an environment for business and industry growth

Meet the Team

Nebeyu Lemma

Managing Director of Prana Events

Under the strong leadership of the founder and Managing Director – Mr. Nebeyu Lemma, who has a decade of expertise in managing international trade fairs and conferences, the company is staffed with young, hardworking and creative professionals that have high value and talent for their appointed position.

The team works round the clock, with synergy to push all areas of event management to new frontiers through executing projects with high standard that leverage industrial development.

As Ethiopia is on the lead as the fastest growing economy in the world, Prana Events is committed to be in the forefront in the area of trade fair and corporate events by delivering world class service.
The Team
Our team works tirelessly to push the boundaries of event management. We collaborate seamlessly to deliver projects that meet the highest standards and contribute to industrial development.
Wubet Tefera

Dr. Dagmawi Abdu Kelil

Project Assistant (LS)

Wubet Tefera

Dagmawi Mamush

Graphic Designer

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