The Birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia is revered for its beans. It produces some of the best single-origin coffees in the world August 26, 2021Cup of Excellence Ethiopia Winners Award Ceremony.

Cup of Excellence 2021 presents Ethiopia an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the country has the perfect climate, perfect soil, perfect altitude, and microclimates that are perfect for coffee processing to produce quality and specialty coffees that have a unique range of flavors. The Cup of Excellence Ethiopia competition was completed with remarkable success, breaking several world records in sample collection and auction results.The second-ever Ethiopia Cup of Excellence green coffee competition resulted in 39 lots scoring 87+ points, with five of those coffees exceeding the 90-point mark, according to an international jury. Representing different growing areas, processing methods and farm types, the winning coffee lots came from a record-breaking number of entries (1,849) for any countrywide Cup of Excellence competition, according to the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association and the USAID-funded Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activity (VCA).

The event management service was a great success. Based on the USAID Feed the Future Value Chain need and objective; Pre, during and post event activities have been carried out successfully at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, What we (Prana Events) done on the event: setting up the Meeting Hall, Art of the Stage, Registration, Decoration, Branding, Catering, training and assigning ushers and personnel responsible for organizing and coordinating each activity taking full responsibility. Clients where satisfied by our cooperation from planning to accomplishment stage.

Powered by the great success of Virtual Agrofood & Plastprintpack Africa 2020, we keep going digital and announced Virtual for all Middle East Africa.
Scheduled for 31 May - 02 June 2021, the event aims to deepen global relations with the Middle East and Africa in the Agrofood & Plastprintpack sector.
Fairtrade's 30 years of experience in organizing international trade fairs in the Middle East and 25 years in Africa coupled with local partners' vast experience in key markets enable us to establish the new Virtual for all Middle East Africa on a solid footing.
At the same time, we are going down innovative digital paths so that our exhibitors and attendees can communicate and do business in the best possible way.
In the spotlight
⦁ Agricultural production
⦁ Food & beverage processing technology and food ingredients
⦁ Finished food and beverages
⦁ Plastics, printing and packaging raw materials & technology
⦁ Participation for attendees is complimentary.
⦁ Exhibitors can choose between the various ⦁ exhibitor and sponsorship packages.
What is new?
⦁ In addition to our proven partners in the Maghreb and in West & East Africa, we set further regional priorities in Africa with Egypt and South Africa, and in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
⦁ The award-winning event platform already used for Virtual for all Africa will be complemented by a mobile app that will bring notifications regarding appointments between exhibitors and attendees directly to the smartphones, ensuring that agreed B2B appointments happen.
We give Virtual for all MEA the human touch.
⦁ Together with our local partners, we identify valuable business partners for each exhibitor. Exhibitors can also tell us which companies they want to talk to in which countries.
⦁ We then take these companies by hand, arrange meetings with exhibitors and ensure that these meetings materialize.


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Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa 2020 started today and it has indeed become a truly global event with a clear Africa focus:

This international event has welcomed 2,100+ attendees from 84 countries and 64 exhibitors from 17 countries, including 98 speakers in 69 panel sessions, presentations & product demos.

Considering that the event includes not only the core period from 23 - 26 November, but also a bonus period until 03 December, one can well imagine that the event will become a great success.

Attendees are continuing their journey by:

Creating their own program with sessions they want to attend, filter and bookmark sessions

Taking part in a panel session, presentation or product demo and get their personalized certificate of Attendance

Using the search tool to target specific profiles and apply filters to find the exhibitors & attendees that reflect their interests

Share their opinions with fellow attendees regarding different topics. Chat or start a video call with their network

Joining the chatroom of sessions and asking questions to the speaker in the Q&A

Discovering which companies exhibit at the event and reach out to a member to know more about their solutions

Being eligible for The Virtual for all Africa 2020 Contest Whoever networks the most takes it all! The prize: A trip including flight and 3 nights, accommodation for one lucky participant to a fair trade live trade show in Africa of the winner's choice. To be eligible, earn 500+ points by Sunday 6 December at 18:00 UTC+0

Prana Events has partnered up with the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industries (PACCI) which is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan organization established in 2009 to serve Africa’s business by promoting for public policies that will foster continental economic integration, competitiveness, and sustainable growth. PACCI offers its constituents a wide range of services including advocacy for the creation of the African Economic Community, capacity building, and business networking. With more than 50 national chambers of commerce acting as its local focal point, PACCI is the largest business association in Africa, and the continent’s most influential.

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An AI-powered digital platform including the latest matchmaking technology - Where exhibitors, attendees, and speakers connect, learn, and discuss business with one another.

(Heidelberg / Addis Ababa) The coronavirus spread affects the trade-fair industry worldwide because of that important trade shows are being canceled. This has opened a new opportunity for Virtual trade fairs. The annual live events in different African countries across the continent are now united in one strong digital platform, Virtual agrofood & plastprintpack Africa that will be held from 23 - 26 November 2020. This virtual event aims to provide a platform for valuable business contacts between leading global manufacturers and decision-makers from the African agrofood & plastprintpack industry.

The main organizer Fairtrade is working hard to keep Agrofood & Plastprintpack community across Africa connected and inspired – even in challenging times like these. Prana Events, the local partner for Ethiopia, is ready to support local businesses operating on the food, beverage and packaging value chain, in liaising B2B meetings with global leaders in their field.

A unique concept covering the entire value chain, from field to fork

Africa Agrofood consists of the four sub-brands agro, food + bev tec, ingredients & food + hospitality

Africa Plastprintpack consists of the three sub-brands plast, print, and pack

Please see for yourself and make yourself familiar with

Facts and figures on Africa’s Agrofood & Plastprintpack market:

To diversify Africa’s economies and revive its rural areas, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has prioritized agriculture. The Bank has committed US$ 24 billion towards agriculture in the next ten years, with a sharp focus on agricultural industrialization.

This puts Africa on a par with Southeast Asia’s €2.893 billion but well ahead of South America’s €1.843 billion, Central America’s €1.775 billion, and the Middle East’s €1.678 billion.

Africa presently imports US$ 35 billion worth of food and agricultural products. According to the African Development Bank, Africa’s annual food imports are estimated to rise to US$ 110 billion by 2025.

Africa’s plastics consumption has grown by 5.2% annually over the past years, from 5,704 kt in 2011 to 8,075 kt in 2018, and is estimated to be 9,996 kt in 2022.

This puts Africa well ahead of South America’s €680 million, Central America’s €669 million, and the Middle East’s €634 million

This puts Africa on a par with Southeast Asia’s €1.303 billion but well ahead of South America’s €952 million, Central America’s €860 million, and the Middle East’s €851 million.

Strong Institutional Support




VDMA-The German Engineering Federation

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